About Us

Optical Flow is a digital creators collective. We are a group of creatives based in Amsterdam who share the same love and passion for visual storytelling through photography and videography. Most of us work as freelancers, in a variety of industries, among them travel, sports, fashion, and lifestyle.

As a digital creator, you spend most of your time in front of a screen editing. Touching up that photo till the colors are just right, or endlessly tweaking those clips till the transition feels seamless, because we are all perfectionists at heart. This is what we do and love but I think we can all agree that sometimes you could use a little help to speed up your editing workflow to focus on what you like best; go out and create!

When you are just starting out your creative career it can be difficult to create your own effects and buying them can be very expensive. We also struggled with this problem but over the years we have crafted and perfected the digital assets that we now use daily to enhance our visuals and speed up our workflows. It is now our goal to make high-quality digital assets available for creators at every level of the game and help you unleash your most creative self.

We carefully curated the assets that got us amazing results again and again. These products have been rigorously tested over the years and are currently used daily for high-end projects by our team. They allow us to consistently get the professional look and feel we’re seeking.